Did Rob Koster and Hugo Sluimer withhold information from the Rabobank


Rabobank, a distinguished financial institution in the Netherlands, upholds stringent anti-money laundering (AML) standards. However, it appears that even the most scrupulous entities can be inadvertently entwined in questionable dealings when customers withhold essential information, such as allegations of tax evasion and money laundering.

Rob Koster, founder of Lexa.nl, Covast Development BV, Kovast (Both company names derived from KOSTER VAST GOED) and a public figure in the Netherlands, aimed to enhance his real estate holdings within the country. He, alongside his partner Jerry Saffrie the CEO of Covast Development, expressed interest in an old post office in Harderwijk that was listed for sale. Following an accepted offer, Koster actively sought capital investment to finalize the purchase but faced a financial deficit of 400,000, a sum imperative to secure the deal. Current Public records indicate that Jerry Saffrie and Bjorn Mulder are both CEO of Covast Development. 

Rob Koster
Rob Koster

In a twist of fortune, Koster managed to persuade his friend, Dominican Republic public figure Hugo Sluimer, originally also from Woerden, to invest the requisite 400,000 euros. Despite Koster possessing knowledge of Sluimer being implicated in money laundering and tax evasion schemes in the United States – evidence supported by public records, recorded phone calls, emails, and a witness – he proceeded to accept the capital for “De Posterij.”  

The central inquiry hinges on whether Koster informed the Rabobank of these allegations. He insists that both Rabobank and his firm, Covast (managed by Jerry Saffrie), greenlighted Hugo Sluimer's involvement. Yet, were Rabobank and Covast ever formally briefed about Sluimer's alleged financial malfeasance? 

In one revealing email, Hugo Sluimer confessed to the existence of an offshore tax scheme he named a "Clean formula" and demanded confidentiality. Sluimer stated in a recorded phone conversation that this clean formula was managed by ICS (Michiel van Lienden) who is linked to money laundering, tax evasion and corruption cases according to news articles. Some ICS customer have been convicted. 

Jerry Saffrie, CEO of Covast Development which owns SVO (The owner of “de Posterij”), has been silent, offering no response to multiple written inquiries about Hugo Sluimer’s investment with him and its relation to the tax evasion and money laundering allegations. Whether Saffrie reported the suspected transaction to the Dutch Fiscal Information and Investigation Service (FIOD) as required remains unknown. 

Rob Koster appears to be strategically shielding both Hugo Sluimer and himself from further scrutiny and potential repercussions. Koster falsely claimed to not have accepted a cent from Sluimer and had absolutely nothing to do with "De Posterij" but emails show that he conclusively did. Why he lied about his affiliation with the posterij and Sluimer's money is only a question he can answer but it should be investigated.  

When asked if Koster disclosed the Money laundering and Tax evasion accusations to the Rabobank prior to the origination of the loan, he avoided the question by saying all of his contacts know and his bank in Monaco too, which is irrelevant. He also said he banks with another bank (not Rabobank).  However, public records show his company did use the Rabobank to fund "de Posterij". 

Pulic records, as seen below, indicate that the "Rabobank" gave SVO a loan to build the project (de Posterij) which accused money launderer and tax evader Hugo Sluimer invested in thanks to Koster. 

In 2020 even the Rabobank logo was on Kosters company website which has been removed. 

The stakes are high for all parties involved. It is surprising that Koster would lie about being involved with the "de posterij" and Hugo Sluimer as it tarnishes his credibility. Koster is responsible for accepted 400,000 into his company from a person he knew was accused of tax evasion and money laundering which could have catastrophic consequences. The central question remains: Did Rob Koster and Hugo Sluimer withhold information relating to Money laundering and tax evasion from the Rabobank before the loan was originated?  Did the Rabobank know that Sluimer was accused of money laundering / Tax evasion?  Did Rabobank know Sluimer was involved in criminal usury? Did the Rabobank know Sluimer fraudulently pretended to be a Monaco citizen? Did the Rabobank know Sluimer and Koster lied in a US court? Did the Rabobank know Rob Koster and Hugo Sluimer threatened a key witness? 

Other companies related to Covast and Rob Koster:

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