Rob Koster and Hugo Sluimer threaten to visit Child at FIFA football game


Rob Koster the famous serial entrepreneur from Woerden together with his friend and business partner Hugo Sluimer (Resident Dominican Republic) threatened to visit a child at a local family friendly FIFA football game on sunday april 14th 2024. Koster and Sluimer apparently found the child’s information on a FIFA website which mentioned the game schedule, place and time. The threat has been taken very serious and meassures have been taken. The FIFA and the appropriate authorities will be informed identifying the men and their network.

Hugo Sluimer (Left) and Rob Koster (Right) 

Koster and Sluimer used a fake email address which they thought would be anonymous to make the threat but the men made a silly mistake which revealed their involvement. The message the men were trying to send to the parents is chilling and horrific. Below is the email where Rob Koster wanted to meet at the childs football stadium on Sunday April 14.

Prior to this email above on February 29th 2024 Rob Koster sent threatening messages via whatsapp to the family that he knew the "city" and "country" where the family lived and said "you can choose". 

Rob Koster whatsappTranslation "there is more to it, City, Country (redacted)"

That Koster and Sluimer were searching for an innocent child online using the FIFA website like online predators do is chilling, perverted and unacceptable. The men then quickly closed down the fake email address as soon as they heard they would be reported to the authorities. 

Koster and Sluimer "the child predators from Woerden" never showed up at the football game. 

According to Sluimer's own documents and emails, he is accused of running a million-dollar money laundering and tax evasion scheme using Miami Real estate and offshore companies for a group of Finnish Investors including Monaco resident Mikko Pakkanen,  his brother Antti Pakkanen, Aiforia CEO Jukka Tapaninen and Antti Korpela. Serial entrepreneur Rob Koster (Netherlands) who sold and for a nice profit knew about the tax evasion and money laundering accusations but decided to solicit and accept a large amount of money from Sluimer into his company Covast Development BV anyway. Accepting questional funds in the Netherlands is illegal and Money Laundering and Tax evasion is forbidden in the US.

Koster, Sluimer and his network don’t want this information to come out and aparently will even pray on an innocent child to achieve their goals. Instead of having lawyers write letters or proving their innocence through accountants and tax returns they have resorted to mafia style tactics to intimidate, terrorise and threaten people and their family who simply may know too much. 

The conclusion is that Koster and Sluimer have chosen for a path of destruction, perversion, terror and lawlessness over the simplicity of the truth.  The men are doing everything other than to prove their innocence which would be very simple and much less work.  Sending an email to a family and telling them that you will meet at their childs soccer game is a type of threat you see in horror movies and in organised crime. Koster and Sluimer were asked what they meant with their threatening email but did not answer. The men have not appologised or given assurances that the Child will be left alone and continue their campaign of terror.  Hugo Sluimer's wife Yudelka Checo is fully aware of the situation but also did not respond either. The US consulate in multiple countries will be informed and provided with copies of Sluimer's and Koster's Netherlands passports.  

Update April 18th 2024: Since the publication of this article, Rob Koster and Hugo Sluimer continue to threaten and intimidate the family with severe consequences which will be forwarded to the authorities. 


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